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Rare conservation win: Mountain gorilla population ticks up

There are more gorillas in the mist — a rare conservation success story, scientists say. After facing near-extinction, mountain gorillas are slowly rebounding. On Wednesday,...

Experts urge gulf refuge for endangered vaquita porpoise

Experts called on Mexico's government Wednesday to use floating barriers to enclose a small area of the Gulf of California where a half dozen...

As sea ice melts, some say walruses need better protection

Given a choice between giving birth on land or sea ice, Pacific walrus mothers most often choose ice. Likewise, they prefer sea ice for molting,...

Legacy of Biosphere 2 lives on in singular research space

They lived for two years and 20 minutes under the glass of a miniature Earth, complete with an ocean, rain forest, desert, grasslands and...

Animal activists outraged at Forest Service handling of wild horses

Animal activists and horse lovers are criticizing the U.S. Forest Service’s plan to round up 1,000 wild horses in northern California this month, saying...