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Transcript for Checking out the latest bicycle gadgets

And arguably the most beautiful time of the year to get out there on that bicycle and enjoy some nature and the leaving us high tech gadgets. Are promising to make your ride more convenient enjoyable may be. Even more fashionable than ever and joining us now fresh from this year’s enter bike show and Reno Nevada. It our very own Disney says Dick DeBartolo to look fantastic is that. Look at eat every B hop I say. I am so this is the Sena Smart cycle fell amid. Food and so it’s Bluetooth the speakers are built in the microphone noise reduction Mike is built then. It has a quarter mile range so that you can link it up to four helmets. Talk to everybody if someone falls behind fado catch up make a turn here. Ended a lot of well this is one as all get thanks so they. Biking together we could both put our helmets on and talk to just to check the entire time don’t ever think that company and what their entirety a phone and get GPS direction listen to music while you might very cool all. Okay Kryptonite to lock people have and headed to there. LED lights and now the whole rechargeable. This has many different moods. And what’s great about that is it has. Aside life so if you’re making a turn you still can be seen and they sell and is singularly or in sets. And like this at the tail light. And you can see also that has side blinking no greatly he said at a before so important for safety those. No flights left absolutely OK so the third thing. Is I put it back on video but of course that’s in motion he heard of public boards of course toddler shoes no way that our public shoes is I’ll show you here so you. Actually stand on them you not you not. Who. Attached to limit anyway type I tried I I think and you not get go. They go up to seven miles an hour. And the Rangers seven models everywhere you why don’t you get 20200. Shoes and the charger. And they sold out their 499. At all the first. Production runs gone so you can pre order for the end of the year or early next year they looked call but I cannot China and that’s dangerous battle Harada shoot it and well OK so this guy is called goldilocks. OK so Foley lock is a way to win a lock. On your belt or on your backpack. And when he gets he destination you unlock it you pull out these Houghton smile and Linux and can OK yes you put it around your bike. And around the pole. Put it back in need. Let me just get that he didn’t hear that we can stop you always Taggart like not my head lock on the exact or for getting in yes and some people don’t like to have too many things hanging on their bike community soulful the lock is tonight gadget you can Wear — fashion about I don’t lot of connect fashionable item you have green you’re going through. So this is cold up cycling which had never heard of it’s taking. An old saying re using it in a new thing. These are in it to its okay bike in the tubes so this becomes totally out of the fabric waterproof till. The fabric is from tents old exhibition ten’s Dave make him and they re waterproof them. And I think it’s a great idea and this little guy down here it’s from an old highway saw. What it really Villa and look at that this disk space and hear everything that I brought to discuss. Did you did well. Well over you know look at that and loving it. Until I can hide in here. At this show that is really and I next trillion nephew post bike ride dream thing you are good yeah. That’s exactly green gurus. Let me be the backpack let me get Michael out of here don’t even want to comment on OK got hearing them that don’t make don’t forget. You to backtrack here helmet if you want to hear more about. He’s Michael gadgets any other gadgets you’ve got to go to kids with dot bans the latest and bicycle fashion apparently perfectly we look great. Billy Graham and then we’ll sit opening a fifth. Director Everett Dick how deep are still think you so much zeal is Great Neck in the Seattle rabbi. See on the path.

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