Busy Philipps opens up about her new memoir Video

Busy Philipps opens up about her new memoir Video

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And, you know, we have a wonderful audience. You deserve a wonderful guest. We’re excited for our next guestment you know her from “Cougar town,” “Dawson’s creek” and “Freaks and geeks” and from her insanely popular Instagram stories, as well the now she’s got a new talk show and a new book, please welcome busy Philipps. Good morning. Hi, guys. How are you? Thank you so much. Thank you. Before you came out Lara said she is so great. I was going to say I feel like — If we were closer — We would be friends. A lot of people feel that way about me in the world which is why, you know, we’re going to do a talk show. So great. You are busy. I mean, the talk show, your book, “This will only hurt a little.” “This will only hurt a little.” I promise it will only hurt a little to read it. You know, I found the process to be incredibly cathartic, somebody said to me that writing a memoir is like doing ten years of therapy in a year, which I found to be true. Really. Yeah, so but, yeah, I went deep in the book and then there’s also — I’ve been an actress since I was 19 professionally and so there’s a lot of, you know, stories from Hollywood and my friendship with Michelle Williams and, you know, other — You don’t hold back. I do not. There’s a lot in the book. I wish we had a lot of time but you even go back to being a 2-year-old kid and you were you even at 2 according to the one story of you deciding to go off on your own. Yeah, well, I talk a little in the book about how I feel like everyone has sort of one defining story that sums up who they are and mine is the one that my mom tells all the time about how I was a little kid who was so headstrong and determined and she always would say about me, oh, busy would just ace out in her nudes which I thought was an expression that people used. I didn’t know that my mom, that was my mom had made that up. And so I own it as kind of my nevertheless she persisted and got it tattooed on my arm. There’s the tattoo. You went out and took a walk and she had to call the cops. I was fine. I was just living my life. Yeah. But now you have two daughters of your own. Bertie and cricket. Are they as head strong as you were? Yes. I have too mini-mes. My girls, my girls. Dreamy. Yes, they are. I’m having — you must — I’m having such a hard time leaving them now. I just love them. I think it gets harder. It gets harder. They become friends. Pretty soon they want to leave you. That’s the problem. Oh, no. Don’t say it. Don’t say it. I have older kids. I can say it. Talk to us about Halloween. I know it’s one of your favorites. We love it. Your older daughter Bertie last year went for best costume ever. She was you. She was me. Look at her. She nailed it. Wait, so this year I said what do you want to be? She said I think I’ll be a different version, you in workout clothes dripping with sweat and taking pictures of myself sweaty with my chlorophyll water so every year Halloween for her is just roasting her mom. That’s fabulous. Okay. Love that. She’s for real. It is what it is. Flashback Friday and a picture of. You you do? Yes. At Halloween. There I am. What are you going as? Well, I was like a little girl that loved little girl stuff. That’s what cricket is like so I think I was a princess bride. Who was the guy in the fabulous — That’s a girl. She was a rocker. It was the ’80s, Lara so short rocker hairdo. Well, she nailed it. She nailed it. She looks like a rocker. Can we talk about the Instagram stories? Have you ever seen them? You lay it out there. They’re so fun. Yes. When you set out to do it was it just something that you thought was fun. You were a bit of a pioneer. I was an out of work actress and that coincided with Instagram stories and I always loved reality shows and confessionals and so I sort of at the end of the night was like, why don’t I just make this my own reality show and didn’t care if anyone watched it. And then people started watching it. Yeah. Then it became really fun. So which is basically how I got a book deal and late night talk show so, you know. Speaking of the talk show, you were at merv griffin’s estate and said he gave you a sign that you should have a talk show. So, I’ve been at a little bit — The late merv griffin. So I’ve been at a little bit of a career crossroads doing different things, sometimes co-hosting and trying to figure out — I did another pilot for NBC that didn’t get picked up. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I’ve been acting for 20 years and went to this party at the merv griffin estate in palm Springs, and, you know, we had some cocktails. We were having a nice time and I was sitting looking out at the stars and turned to my husband and was like I’m supposed to be a late night talk show — the spirit of merv griffin is telling me right now. My husband was like, okay. Okay. I’m going to go with you on this one. Was it merv or Mr. Patron? Probably a little bit of both. I love the name of the show, “Busy tonight.” I see what you did there. With a name like busy you have to work it into the title. We’re saying it’s a great excuse. You can tell people you’re busy tonight and ton in to my show. Busy’s talk show, “Busy tonight” premieres October 28th on E! Check that out and her book, “This will only hurt a little,” it is out today and everyone in our audience, you’re going home with your own copy.

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